Lilongwe Hotel


For many adventurers, a trip to Africa is the pinnacle of excitement. There are many amazing experiences that just can’t be found anywhere else on the planet, like going on a Safari to view animals in the wild or taking a cultural tour of local music, art and cuisine. But when traveling to somewhere as remote and underdeveloped as Africa, there are always concerns about accommodations, dining and general amenities, as well as about safety issues. Fortunately, there are many destinations on this dynamic continent that can offer a traveller both the natural experience of the vast, open wilderness as well as the luxury of accommodations they’ve come to expect from other adventures. One of the best places to experience these two worlds together is in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. Lilongwe hotels, such as the Kumbali Lodge, offer first-class facilities in the heart of the one of the safest, most diverse and unique regions of Africa.



Lilongwe offers many amazing experiences for the international traveler, all in a safe, pleasant setting that feels comfortable and wild all at the same time. Malawi in general is one of the least developed countries in the world, however it’s capital city is safe and modern. And this is reflected in Lilongwe itself. The city is a juxtaposition of wild and urban, old and new. It began as a small fishing village that now is moving into the next era of development with modern hotels, restaurants, offices and embassies in the New City region that are brining important new development to the area. Lilongwe has also become a hub for southeast Africa due to this modern development. But the city hasn’t lost all of it’s charm, and the Old City areas offer outdoor marketplaces, cafes and restaurants that are unique and diverse, and are very popular among travelers looking for a local feel to their expedition. It is this dual nature of the city that makes it an ideal location for many travelers, as they can experience the old world charm of the city while still having access to modern amenities.

Aside from the amenities and charm the city has to offer, Lilongwe hotels are a great choice for those folks wishing to visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Center or the Malawi Cultural Center, both of which are extremely popular travel destinations. The Lilongwe Wildlife Center is of particular interest as it offers guests the ability see many of Africa’s most popular animals in a conservatory setting, yet also works in the region to promote rescue and conservation efforts. Other popular activities near Lilongwe hotels include Malawi Safari tours, bird watching expeditions and Lake Malawi boat trips, which offer world-class diving and snorkeling to this land-locked country.

For folks looking for a true African adventure, one that includes wildlife viewing, cultural experiences and the chance to glimpse a thriving city in the heart of an undeveloped nation, Lilongwe is the ultimate destination. Lilongwe hotels offer travelers world class amenities in the heart of southeast Africa, surrounded by wilderness and old world charm that will captivate any traveler. Consider staying in Lilongwe if your next adventure includes any of the amazing experiences Malawi has to offer.