11.04am GMT11:04

10.59am GMT10:59

10.54am GMT10:54

Burns to 50

10.52am GMT10:52

at 10.52am GMT

10.49am GMT10:49

10.43am GMT10:43

10.37am GMT10:37

10.34am GMT10:34

10.26am GMT10:26

10.24am GMT10:24

10.20am GMT10:20

10.16am GMT10:16

10.11am GMT10:11

10.08am GMT10:08

9.57am GMT09:57

9.42am GMT09:42

TEA: Australia 75-1

9.40am GMT09:40

9.39am GMT09:39

9.38am GMT09:38

9.33am GMT09:33

9.29am GMT09:29

9.26am GMT09:26

9.17am GMT09:17

9.14am GMT09:14

9.09am GMT09:09

9.02am GMT09:02

WICKET! Warner c Blundell (sub) b Southee 19 (Australia 44-1)

at 9.03am GMT

8.57am GMT08:57

8.50am GMT08:50

8.44am GMT08:44

G’day. Declaration runs, the best kind of runs! Okay, not quite. But, in keeping with New Zealand’s discipline in the first innings with the ball, they clearly aren’t going to drop their bundle and let the hosts score quickly. Even without the injured Ferguson, they won’t give up hope of rolling Australia and chasing the runs – however unlikely.

As always, I’m looking forward to your company throughout the second half of this third day. Drop me a line, fire me a tweet.

8.41am GMT08:41

15th over: Australia 30-0 (Warner 17, Burns 10) Wagner to Burns, who scores a couple off the pads. But a couple of balls later and Warner is nearly run out! I think Burns had forgotten that Santner is a left-hander. Burns drops the ball out towards point and runs immediately, calling yes, expecting that the fielder will have to run around the ball. But Santner grabs it in his left hand and throws all in the one movement, and Warner isn’t even in the frame as the ball passes the stump. A big chance missed.

A couple more decent bouncers from Wagner, and he gets no-balled for an overstep into the bargain.

That’s drinks, and that’s me for the day. I commend you into the care of Adam Collins.

8.36am GMT08:36

8.32am GMT08:32

8.28am GMT08:28

8.23am GMT08:23

at 8.28am GMT

8.19am GMT08:19

at 8.28am GMT

8.16am GMT08:16

at 8.28am GMT

8.11am GMT08:11

at 8.29am GMT

8.07am GMT08:07

at 8.29am GMT

8.04am GMT08:04

at 8.29am GMT

8.03am GMT08:03

at 8.29am GMT

7.56am GMT07:56

7.54am GMT07:54

7.52am GMT07:52

7.06am GMT07:06

Lunch – Australia lead by 250 batting a second time

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